SHIMOKITAZAWA (or, hipster Tokyo)

1_street shimokita
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2_shrine shimokita3_house shimokita

Japan [TOKYO] Diares 1:  下北沢 | Shimokitazawa

Following my university entrance exams, two friends and I decided to take a trip to Japan. But because we’re students with no income, it was supposed to be a budget trip. Or rather, be frugal on accommodation, some meals, travel, so we can spend more on shopping #priorities

Anyway, we spent our first day wondering around Shimokitazawa. Whilst many may jump into sightseeing, shopping and other touristy things, after a long flight, we just wanted to chill, and Shimokita is perfect for that.

The neighbourhood streets in the ward are peaceful and quiet, but the area around the station however is hipster a f.

5_city street shimokita

I would describe it a chill Harajuku, in the sense that it is a hub for young people (particularly uni students), but more quiet and less organised. The area really is an organised mess. A neighbourhood maze of small streets and alleyways, lined with vintage boutiques, unique cafes, underground music venues.

6_darwin room shimokita

Darwin room, a biology/natural sciences store and cafe. There’s a stuffed zebra (if i recall correctly) inside.

4_flower shp shimokita

Shimokita resonates a relaxed vibe. Unlike the constant scramble of Shibuya and Shinjuku, Shimokita allows you to ‘stop and smell the roses’ in a sense. It’s almost strange that such a place exists so close to Shibuya.

Getting to Shimokita: Shibuya Station to Shimokitazawa Station on the Keio-Inokashira Line towards Kichijoji (1 stop, 3 minutes)

More Japan soon~


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  1. Your photos are beautifull~~ 🙂 I look forward too more of them ^^


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