ARTNIA (or, nerd priorities)

1_artnia outside

Japan [TOKYO] Diaries 2: ARTNIA

Does this count as being touristy?

Day Two and rather than exploring actual Shinjuku we went to the Square Enix Cafe and Shop. And it was great.

It’s walking distance from Shinjuku station, and fairly easy to find. Mostly because it is a giant white egg (with slimes and chocobo’s decorating its gardens) surrounded by very serious looking skyscrapers.

2_artnia 3

The ‘dark’ section of artnia: a luxurious display room of expensive squeenix merchandise.  It was beautiful.

4_artnia 23_artnia 1

Best appreciated when you’re a very big fan or are travelling with a very big fan that can give you a detailed tour of each final fantasy merch display~

6_artnia cafe interior

The ‘bright’ section of artnia: the cafe and shop (of less expensive merch). I love love the contrast between the two sections in artnia: dramatic dark lighting and mirrors with sharp angular lines and silhouettes, juxtaposed with warmth and brightness, smooth curved lines, soft and round silhouettes.

5_artnia cactus

An array of plushies.

Whilst in this photo, the focus is FF plush toys, there was a LOT of Dragon Quest merch (such as 50 variations of Slime plushies- different sizes, regular/metal/slime king, hats/toys/keychains/etc etc..)

9_artnia coffee

And finally, the food~ Slime latte art

8_artnia strawberry7_artnia chocol

For a theme cafe, the food was fairly well priced and tasted great.

Address: East Side Square 1F 6-27-30 Shinjuku, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 〒 160-0022 [walk there from Shinjuku Station. If you’re brave you can try find the closest exit from underground but GL because it’s ridiculously easy to get lost in a massive station with 20+ exits and 3 or 4 subway companies operating in the same underground]

((I should also note that despite being in Japan for 2 + days, we've had pancakes and pasta twice, but the only Japanese food we’d consumed was like, an onigiri from the combini lol. So in order to change that we went to Ichiran Ramen in Shinjuku. It's literally the greatest ramen we had ever tasted. Don't be put off by the '40 minute' queue. It's really a survival of the fittest stomach test bc many people were too impatient/hungry and consequently dropped out, thus leaving the wait to only be 20 minutes))

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