Kibune & Kurama (or, that’s autumn a f)

3_red pop

Japan [KYOTO] Diaries 4:  貴船 & 鞍馬 | Kibune & Kurama

Second day in Kyoto, and we took a trip into the mountains to see Kifune Shrine and Kurama Temple~

1_tree2_up tree

Rather than going the typical Kurama > Kibune route, we went from Kibune > Kurama instead, so we could go to the famous Kurama onsen (hot spring) in the evening. And because we weren’t bothered waiting for the bus, we had to walk from Kibune station to the shrine. It was rainy, but quite enchanting walking through a forest of uniform trees. ((something impossible to find in Australia…natural forests in aus messy, with a billion types shrubs))

4_shrinegate5_lantern things

Arrived at the shrine~~

8_tag7_leaf tag

I love how there are seasonal maple leaf shaped ema / 絵馬 (wooden plaques where people write wishes and prayers).

After touristing around for a while, we exited the shrine and headed towards the entrance of the hiking route to Kurama.

tl:dr But got distracted by mitarashi dango.. so we sat at a small cafe and ate for while. And it was during this that somehow, we bumped into two other high school friends from Australia. By bumped into I mean that a friend that i was travelling with recognised the permanently messy hair of another friend. Andby somehow I mean that it was completely coincidental, unplanned, we had no contact previously, and had no idea they were in Kyoto, let alone up some mountain in semi-rural japan.


Golden yellow foliage can be just a beautiful as red~

On this hike however, we discovered why the popular route was from Kurama to Kibune rather than the other way around: upstairs and uphill. There is a lot more uphill walking from Kibune to Kurama. So GL and get fit.

10+kouyou and moss11_koyou a f

Red foliage at one of the temples/structures throughout the hike. This was the first time we saw actual red scarlet crimson kouyou so we were hella excited and in awe. Kyoto really is the place to be in Autumn/Fall.


Arrived at kurama at last.

From here, I put the camera away, had a late lunch and walked to Kurama Onsen (which I highly recommend, especially after a hike through the mountains. There’s a certain relaxation that can be only achieved by sitting in a hot spring, watching the pastel sky- framed by silhouettes of trees- fade into darkness and star).

And that’s all~

Getting to Kibune/Kurama: catch the Eizan Railway train from Demachiyanagi station to Kibune/Kurama station (should take around 30 mins). The route I took: Demachiyanagi > Kibune, walk around 20-30mins to Kibune shrine, hike around 1.5hrs to Kurama temple, walk 20 mins to the onsen, then 15 mins to Kurama station.

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