Kinkakuji and Ryoanji (or, *speechless*)

1_trees red

Japan [KYOTO] Diaries 5: 金閣寺と龍安寺 | Kinkakuji and Ryoanji

Third day in Kyoto blessed us with sunshine, blue skies, overall amazing weather~ so we took advantage of this and went to arguably the most popular tourist destinations in Kyoto: Kinkaku-ji (and then Ryoan-ji).

sky3_me 2

We went at pretty much the perfect time bc all the leaves were just a sea of red.
((this is what I look like))

6_kinkaku4_kinkaku angle

Kinkaku~~~~ It was golden. When the sunlight hits the gold-leaf covered pavilion it actually radiates warm light. I don’t think pictures can do this place justice.  Also should note that it was built more than 600 yrs ago.


being a tourist.

5_kinkaku tree obscure

I love how coordinated Japan can be. Yellow leaves + gold pavilion. Mother nature and architecture working together for picturesque photos.


Short walk around the lake whilst admiring the kouyou. Download photo if you need a windows background lol~


At the temple section.

After this we headed towards Ryoan-ji. There’s a bus that goes directly from Kinkaku to Ryoan right outside the temple, so it’s quite convenient.


Backlit trees ❤


The Rock Garden: karesansui, or “dry landscape” garden~ The epitome of minimalistic, simplistic, peaceful beauty. It’s the type of place to sit down, gaze upon the stones whilst contemplating life.

((tl:dr- another example of karesansui is in the first episode/chapter of kuroshitsuji when finny burns down the garden so sebastian has to fix it....))

12_mini garden

The only way to see all 15 rocks haha.

14_rooftop ryoan15_wood carving

Ryoan- 龍安- quite literally means peaceful dragon. So it’s no surprise that there are miniature dragon carvings. Ah, the devil is in the details.

windows backgrond18_plum blossom

After pondering upon existential questions at the rock gardens, we walked the path around the lake in the temple grounds. Aside from the autumn leaves (which were still breathtaking), there was also an extremely almost ridiculously early blooming ume blossom (plum blossom). Or another type of blossom I’m just guessing here.


And persimmons!


Finished on the enchanted forest.

A quick travel note: My daytime adventures ended here, however it is possible to go to Ginkaku-ji on the same day. Kinkaku is the west side and Ginkaku on the east side of Kyoto, so it would take around 45minutes to get to Ginkaku by bus. There's a famous soba restuarant at Ginkaku too. And if you have energy, take the Philospher's walk down to Yasaka Shrine. I sadly had other plans so  Ginkaku was one of the main things I missed out on this trip,but at least thatleaves something new for next time~

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