OSAKA (or, pokemon > sightseeing)

day street

Japan [OSAKA] Diaries 6-2: 大阪|Osaka

Now for actual modern civilisation. We had an afternoon/early evening in Osaka to do whatever, so what’s at the top of our priorities?

pokemon centre


And the one in Osaka is the largest  pokemon centre on earth.

seasonal pikapokemon white pika

So I had intentions to try be a good travel blogger and take photos but I became somewhat distracted by EVERYTHING – all the plushies, key chains, stationary, figurines, every merchandise you could possibly dream of. So I only took a couple of photos of cute seasonal pikachu plushies. As with most official merchandise stores, the majority of merch were on the slightly expensive side, but there were still some reasonably priced items.

Nonetheless, it was a euphoric experience~

Address: Daimaru Umeda Store 13F, 3-1-1 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-8202
Access: Umeda station/Osaka station

Next on our itinerary was to go up the Umeda Sky Building (with the floating  garden) for the sunset, however the line was rather long so we gave up lol. I think the pokemon centre took a lot of energy out of us. So instead, we took a subway straight to  Namba.

osaka night


This is the definition of nightlife. Lively crowds chattering away in kansai-ben, neon lights, the mouthwatering aroma of takoyaki and okonomiyaki~

osaka glico man

At Dotonbori with the famous Glico man~

osaka shitty wires

Osaka and Tokyo really are different. I overall prefer Tokyo, but Osaka has its charms: it more casual and less organised. Osaka feels a bit more like China. There’s a veil of superficiality, I suppose, in Tokyo, whilst Osaka is more down to earth.

Travelling from Kyoto to Osaka. I forgot to mention this in my previous post. Whilst we stayed in Kyoto, it was still quite convenient to travel to Osaka for a day trip. Depending on where you're staying, it's around a 40 minute train ride (throughout which you can observe the kansai countryside briefly). We chose to stay in Kyoto and take trips out to Osaka because a) we didn't want haul our luggage all any more than necessary and b) most things we wanted to do were in Kyoto. 

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