NARA (or, ‘oh deer’ & other puns)


4_deer derp1_close up

Japan [NARA] Diaries 7: 奈良 | Nara

Another day trip down south, but this time to Nara! (where we were overwhelmed by kawaii a f deer, and couldn’t stop fawning over them. hello bambi~~~)

Well actually we went to Arashiyama after Osaka but I felt like blogging about Nara lol. 3_deerheadbutt deer2_Cute deer looking up ish

Like literally straight out of Nara Station (NOT the JR one the other one), there is a park and jfc there are deer everywhere. Bye some senbei (cracker thing) and all the deer will come flocking to you. And the deer here are smart. They know that there’s more food near the station. They will follow you, flock around you, and gaze up with their bambi eyes. And within 5 minutes take all the senbei.

4.5deer sign

Oh deer, these animals might be dangerous. ((Nara deer are actually pokemon with four moves: bite, kick, butt and knock down. All of which are super effective but rarely used.))

I found this sign more amusing than I should have.

I would also like to share the following photos with you so that you can gain some i-deer as to how hard it is to take good photos with animals.


me and deer

((i.e. crouch next to a deer and try to get it to look at the camera))

But Reality:

expectation vs reality

((i.e. crouch next to it, just to have go ‘buck you’ and turn away))

but really just tempt them with food and put your camera on burst mode and it’ll be OK

6_wood gate

Once we got over the deer, we walked over to Todai-ji, passing through the Great South Gate.

5_gate statue 25_gate statue


Which is guarded from demons, thieves and other evils by Komuku-ten and Bishamon-ten (the very same bamf Bishamon that’s in noragami).


ahhh that sashimono.

7_wood8_wood building

The famous Daibutsuen at last. It’s the largest wood structure in the world, even though it’s a smaller reconstruction of the previous structure. The wood details nevertheless were amazingly intricate.


The rather awe-inspiring great bronze buddha.

10_gold buddha11_statue

12_lucky hole thing

A stark contrast to the grandiose, magnificent, towering, powerful Daibutsu is this hole in one of the pillars. Superstition says that if you can successfully slide through it, you’ll be lucky. Most children can fit through easily, but some school students such as these may find difficulties. It’s rather amusing to watch schoolboys confidently strutting to the hole, only to become stuck and having to get someone to push them through lolol (バカな後輩達). But when they squeezed through at least they could say “hello, from the other side”

After this we continued wandering around a bit, playing with deer, but cut our day short because we still wanted to check out another town before returning Kyoto. Which I will blog about soon.

Access: From Kyoto, we took a Nara line limited express to Kintetsu Nara Station (which is a lot closer to Nara park/ deer land than the JR Nara station). It took around an hour and a half. A note about the different types of trains in Kyoto: make sure that if you take a special express or a limited express, you buy a ticket for this type of express train, because there are additional fees to the ones charged by the IC card. People do check for tickets. Usually the ticket person is nice and will let you buy a ticket on board as well.   

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