Uji (or, the town with aesthetic lighting)


Japan [UJI] Diaries 7-2: 宇治 | Uji

On the way back from Nara to Kyoto, we stopped by the small riverside city of Uji. It is situated pretty much half way between Kyoto and Nara, so it was barely a detour.

2_uji road3_streets

Uji is famous for several reasons, and one of them being that its specialty: MATCHA. Merely 10ish minutes walk from the station is ‘byodoin omote-sando’, a street lined with tea shops (buy them souvenir gifts) and cafes, all selling different types of matcha and matcha flavoured food (ice cream, pudding, cake, soba, jelly, etc.).

I have no photos of what I ate bc after long train rides and chasing around deer in photography attempts I just wanted to eat lol.


Another attraction aside from food (which for us was the first priority lol) is Byodoin, the lake side temple.

6_shrine reflection

It’s quite a famous temple, or at least famous and important enough to be a world heritage site and be commemorated on the 10 yen coin. Its design is also rather impressive and unique compared to many other Buddhist temples.


We went around half an hour before closing, we didn’t have much time to properly explore the hall, and raced through the museum/treasure house (where there are amazing historical artefacts, including like 50 statues of Bodhisattvas, but the lighting was AMAZING.

The sunset backlit the temple, giving it an ethereal glow whilst reflecting on the lake. I think we spent most of our half an hour just admiring the temple and taking photos.

3.5_house on the street

After this, we weren’t quite ready to return to Kyoto yet, so we decided to explore more. The sun had left us, but the sky was still bright enough to again give lovely lighting. Literally though, every 5 minutes I was like damnnn i want this lighting all the time. Natural lighting without sunlight. カンペキだよ。


As we crossed the bridge, a group of students were biking accross and it seemed so much like an anime setting. Laughing school kids biking home at twilight? Hella anime right? So I channeled my photo ninja skills and not creepily at all tried to take a photo haha.

10_signal tower9_uji students

Another anime scene! From a typical slice of life high school drama/comedy anime haha.


Balanced on top of a telephone/electricity box or something for this photo. Much professionalism.


As twilight faded into dusk, and our batteries exhausted and memory full, we took a train back to Kyoto, with both our minds and bodies satisfied from a day trip adventure in the Kansai region.



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  1. wowwwwwwwwww so great, everything is amazing, I miss Japan so much


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