Universal Studios Japan (or, happiness)

1_entrance feel the excitement

Japan [Osaka] Diaries 9: UNIVERSAL STUDIOS JAPAN

This was literally my happiest day in Osaka/Kyoto. I’m sorry shrines and temples, but I’m an immature a f little kid inside. I’m going to split this diary into two parts, because the Wizarding World of Harry Potter deserves its own post.

1_ aesthetic pleasing st

Walking into the theme park, I could already feel the liveliness and happiness bubbling in the air. What would’ve already been exciting place was amplified by the Christmas decorations and festive tunes blasting through the air. Idgaf if Disneyland’s supposed to be the happiest place on earth, being in USJ temporarily cured my resting bitch face lolol.

1minion pop

minions were everywhere. why.

((tldr; apparently in a UK poll minions were the most popular fantasy character. not dragons. not unicorns. not even fairies. minions. *disappointment*))


We went during a very very off-peak time (weekday + not school excursion season although there were still plenty of school students), so we didn’t have to buy an express pass. And less time spent waiting in lines meant more time to leisurely explore the theme park and its design details.

1_time travelling car thing

back to the future ride entrance (see how little people there are~~ it was so great).


I’ll be honest in that the rides in USJ weren’t especially amazing (except harry potter but I’ll get to that in the next post (although the roller coaster pictured above is in construction and looked pretty amazing)).

But nevertheless, I think I felt true innocent exhilarating happiness on the Hollywood Dream roller coaster. I had forgotten the special thrill, the natural high, brought about by seemingly flying and looping through the sky, looking down on a small patch of the world. It literally left us grinning like idiots.

1_tree dance1_hellokitthyfloat

And of course there was the parade. Which was festively themed because *Christmas*. (I think, aside from this one short day in Universal Studios, I didn’t particularly feel the whole Christmas spirit thing).



And so, USJ part I ends here. Part II is infinitely more exciting, so just wait~

A quick note: you can only buy USJ tickets online through their Japanese website, but google translate does a good enough job translating, so navigation isn't too hard. you can also buy it in english from travel agencies and such, but it may be more expensive.

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