HOGSMEADE (or, all was well)



I can metaphorically die happy.

Like actually I don’t know how to describe the happiness I felt in Hogsmeade.

2_hpd_hogsmeadehp_hogwarts express

Simply put, the fantastical world I escaped to as a child became a real world. Idgaf if it was essentially just a glorified simulacrum, for one short afternoon, magic became real.

hp_hogsmeadesignagainhp_magicwandhp_hogsmeade busybutterbeer

On hindsight, I’m slightly regretful that I didn’t wear nicer clothes/hair/make, but in the moment, all my energies were focused on taking everything in, on trying to remember the details that photographs couldn’t possibly capture. The atmosphere was dense with excitement, enhanced by the music and scents wafting throughout the street.

((I have to be honest though, butterbeer was a little too sweet for my liking, but nonetheless it was indeed a pleasant drink to warm up on a cold day))


Honeydukes! (so much self control was needed here)

sorting hat

The hat said “Slytherin”~~

(or at least pottermore did)


The greatest part about going to USJ during an off peak season was that we didn’t have to get timed tickets into Hogsmeade, so we were free to wander around as long as we wanted, and come and go as we pleased.

I think the longest queue we waited in was the one for the Forbidden Journey ride (around an hour? maybe more). But the ride was worth it. I don’t want to spoil it by describing it properly, but it was the greatest immersive experience. I don’t think I had ever shed genuine tears of joy until that ride.


The plan was to wait until proper nightfall so we could see the castle light up.

me at hphp_night

But my friends (who weren’t as intensely passionate about HP) had already very kindly waited/put up with my excitement for a few hours. And the winter chill was really setting in (or perhaps there were dementors~~). So with great sadness and a bit of reluctance, we left (like seriously why couldn’t the sun set faster)

hp_hogsmeade night

Whilst words and photos won’t ever do this place justice, I’m glad I have a permanent artifact to document this adventure. Without this entry, my magical afternoon will eventually fade into a rose-coloured memory, and as happy it may be,  it will gradually lose its detail, its authenticity.

1_universal globe

Because of Hogsmeade, when I walked out of USJ, I really did have the feeling that ‘all was well’.

For anyone who just scrolled through to look at photos, this entire post was essentially a tldr expressing my undying love for Harry Potter.


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  1. I think the Wizarding World is my favorite place to go tbh


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