Taking a brief break from 人生 (life) and moving on to 美術 (art)~


MIKA fancyMIKA poster

Portrait of Mika in custom made Valentino.

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I recently began listening to Mika again, and eventually became motivated to draw. I haven’t drawn in this sort of painted portrait style for a long time, but a combination of happy music, feelings of nostalgia, and perfectly eccentric fashion *inspired* me to art again.


Portrait details.
It was fun drawing different lighting. I haven’t ever tried subtle backlighting before this, but I like to slight glow it gives.

((from here it’s sort of a tl;dr about why/how I like Mika))

It started last week when ‘Talk about you’ was playing in a shop I was in, and the tune was stuck in my head for the next few hours. When I listened to other songs, I realised how great his songs were, and also how although I never really intently followed him as an artist, quite a few of his songs were very prominent during different times of my life. In primary school, of course Grace Kelly and Love Today  were hella popular, and I don’t remember why but my two best friends and I used to always sing the first few lines of Happy Ending. And then during junior high french, we listened to Elle me dit quite frequently in class (danse danse danse). And then Popular Song because WICKED. And the slightly morbid but humorous music video with an Addams family aesthetic was fab.

Finally, catching up to the present, I youtubed some of his songs, and somehow stumbled upon a funny clips of him as a judge on the voice france.

But really, ngl, I think what really made me want to draw were his custom designed and tailored Valentino suits.

Anyways, thank you for reading, any feedback is much appreciated~



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