Fushimi Inari (or, memoirs of a tourist)


Japan [KYOTO] Diaries 10: 伏見稲荷大社 | Fushimi Inari-Taisha

On our last day in Kyoto, we went to arguably the most popular temple in Kyoto- fushimi inari.

2_upwards3_fox statue

Foxes are everywhere in Fushimi Inari~ (Why? Bc the 9 tailed fox is the most powerful tailed beast. No actually because they’re believed to be the messengers for Inari, the Shinto God).

6_sideview4_goldwood4_mini gate5_closeup mini gate

The actual temple grounds are MASSIVE. If Fushimi Inari is on the top of your itinerary, I’d leave at least a couple of hours to explore all the temple structures/history/take photos, and a couple of hours more to complete the entire hike through the torii (gates). But because it was on the last of our list, and in all honesty after a week in Kyoto, we were a little over temples… so we just quickly snapped a few photos and…


Began the hike through 50 shades of vermilion. (OK I’ve made that joke before but it still applies~)

foxandgateline of gatesgate in the distancealso me

If you want good photos from the inside of the torii, I would suggest hiking further up the top of the mountain, because essentially, it’s another survival of the fittest situation. The further up you get, the less people to ruin photos haha. This was our intention, but we accidentally took a wrong turn and ended up going down a different track through old houses and tiny shrines lol.

So after ending up at the bottom of the mountain, we decided to just leave and wander around Kyoto. Which was surprisingly relaxing and fun, or at least (strangely enough) more relaxing and fun than temples had become). I think we walked all the way from Gion down to the Aeon mall south of Kyoto Tower (so around 4km). And it was during the time that I appreciated the peace of Kyoto in contrast to Tokyo the most. And the nice grid city planning (unlike sydney…. you’d think a city only a few centuries old as opposed to a few millennia would be better planned but no).

After these adventures, we took a night bus back to Tokyo~~




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