Harajuku (or, that’s kawaii a f)


Japan [Tokyo] Travel Diaries 12: 原宿・渋谷 | HARAJUKU / SHIBUYA

Finally went to Harajuku! Specifically Takeshita-dori~~

4_pink etude daiso

It was crowded, but we purposely went on a Sunday in hopes to glimpse some lolitas or other harajuku fashion~

((Also notice how nicely coordinated the street is. All the Etude House banners really bring together the pink in other signs (daiso, crepes), giving an overall rosey charm)


And we did! Expect they were walking away so my photo ninja skills weren’t speedy enough to capture them  without getting photobombed. But they were so cute!!

DSC07266.jpg3_cute a f bag6_punk a f

Whilst the Harajuku style has this perception of being mostly lolita, what I love about this area is that it’s actually so wonderfully diverse, yet at the same time united by a motif of quirk and ‘kawaii’. I also love how each shop has its clear aesthetic, whether it be soft and pastel, or dark and edgy. (even the dark and edgy is somewhat cute. Look at the doll mannequin, and the colourful santa hat/wig haha).


There was also an official Disney store. It wasn’t too big, but we spent at least an hour and a half in it lol. I didn’t actually keep track, but they had a playlist of around 10 different disney songs, and we were there long enough for it to be repeated 3 times so… .

I was incredibly disappointed by their lack of Mulan merch. They had every other princess except Mulan and maybe Pocahontas (I can’t remember now, but I do remember being somewhat outraged).


After this, we bought crepes and planned to go to Yoyogi Park to chill for a while and eat, but this photo is as far as we got… A guard person came and said that we weren’t allowed to eat (I think? maybe we understood wrong). Or perhaps it was the entry to Meiji jingu not the chill picnic part? I’m still confused..

7_lampSo we wandered around in ‘Ura-Harajuku’, i.e. the backstreets of Harajuku, for a while. me.jpg

Ootd (Murua coat/sweater, Uniqlo skirt, Dr Martens shoes). Didn’t dress very Harajuku. Except for the shoe swag we bought at one of the shops on Takeshita dori.



white/black- heaven/hell – light side/dark side

harajuku dress

Finally went into a Lolita shop. Everything was so fucking pretty. And expensive. Being a lolita is hella expensive. This dress was like 40000 JPY (around 400USD) and it was second hand.

Also in this shop was the most beautiful gothic lolita girl I have ever seen IRL. Everything about her seemed so perfect. Obviously her clothes were perfectly co-ordinated, hair impeccably curled and make up on point, but it was also the way she walked confidently and proudly and, I guess her overall aura? It’s kind of hard to describe but she had a very classy 气质 ((the english translation of that word doesn’t do it justice). I was actually fan girling so much, and I wanted to ask for a photo but in the end all I (awkwardly) said was ‘you look really pretty’. The lilac curls and black hat blurred in the background of this photos is the back of her head.


At this point the sun was beginning to set, but it was a nice day so we decided to walk back to Shibuya. It was a few kilometers, but we could go through Cat Street, and the relaxed twilight atmosphere was so reminiscent of our afternoon in Uji, so walking seemed more appealing than taking the subway.


On the way was the LINE friends store.


With a MASSIVE Brown. So big I couldn’t actually get the entire thing into frame. It was at least 3 meters tall.


Illuminations everywhere~

Tokyo always seems to have a seasonal specialty decorating its streets. In Spring,  its the cherry blossoms of course, in Autumn its the red orange hues of foliage, and in Winter, its the night illuminations ((not sure about summer actually, but I’ll soon find out)). And consequently, there are always people in the street, whether they be tourists or locals, admiring in awe, taking photos with smart phones, digital cameras, dslrs, etc., just generally appreciating the charm of the city. ((like actually, so many of us were squeezed at the edge of the road trying to get a photo)).

Of these, my favourite would have to be the illuminations. Maybe because I’m just more of a night person, but I am just in love with how something so simple can create an entirely magical atmosphere. Spring and Autumn provide natural beauty, but I think its because these shining lights are man made yet unlike other man made things, don’t feel artificial and loud.

4_mirror frustration4_mirrorfrustration2

Mirror frustration.

(the entrance to Tokyu Plaza)

6_eatme7_my kind of xmas

From here, we turned into Cat street. Which I didn’t take any good photos of sadly. Expect for this shop. I love how even though it was Christmas, they kept to their classical dark theme.

A quick description of Cat Street would be a ‘cooler’ Harajuku I guess. I’ll go back again and blog about it better in future.


Finally back in Shibuya, and we found another Disney store. But this time we refrained from going inside and spending another 3 hrs lol.


Ending this post at PARCO. From here we went yakiniku for dinner then finally back home to rest after a long day of a lot of walking. Honestly though, I didn’t feel tired while I was walking, but once I took off my shoes and sat down my feet were like noooooo.

Well this post was a bit long, with a bit more text than usual, but I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless ^_^

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