Roppongi (or, all the lights~)

Japan [Tokyo] Diaries 11: ROPPONGI


After my lost wallet mishaps, and a mini class reunion + friends surprise party on the first day, we decided to just go shopping on the second day. So we spent around 4-5 hrs shopping through 109 from top to bottom, and then Parco. Now that our wallets were significantly lighter (but at least it was there lol), it was time for some tourism.

I’m sure there are many things to do at night in Tokyo, but after seeing Cheesie (a Malaysian blogger) instagram and blog about the Roppongi Night Illuminations every year around Christmas, seeing them was at the top of my list.


So we met up with other friends also in Tokyo at Roppongi Hills~


Then walked over to where all the illuminations were: Tokyo Midtown. But really there are illuminations on everywhere, this was just in front of a few shops on the street.


Outside the mall~

6_amazing5_warm edit

Had a little fun editing…


There was a map of the suggested route to see all the lights, so I don’t really remember where this was but it was all within the block. At the end of the walk, there’s a light show that repeats every 5 minutes or so. It was so beautiful to watch (and listen to) that most people stayed for at least 2 rounds haha.


And finally, we took a train back to Shibuya, where there were also very festive illuminations~


And that’s all~ Our Airbnb apartment was less than 10 minutes walk from the station, but it was far enough to be away from all the bustle and noise (despite the fact that there were so many clubs in the are lol. Our host even gave us a separate map just to detail where each one was).

Harajuku tomorrow~




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