Staring at the Sun

staring at the sun


Lately I’ve been taking every chance I get to draw. I know that once I get busy, the first thing that I abandon is art (well actually its exercise but I still manage to walk around a least). And it feels better drawing for the sake of creativity, rather than as a form of procrastination.

For the longest time I’ve felt a bit lost with what style I wanted to draw in. I used to do a lot of fashion illustrations partially because I enjoyed them, but also (perhaps more prominently) because back in 2012-2013 deviantart users liked them. I’m trying to evolve my style a bit, so I’ve been looking to different artists for inspiration, particularly Alice X Zhang and Jen Zee. So this digital painting I guess was inspired by their works.

In terms of concept, I was inspired of course by ‘Staring at the Sun’ (MIKA).

watch the sunset, hold it from afar
close as I get, to being where you are
while there’s light left, I sing this song for you
don’t know if you care, but every day, I do

here I stand, staring at the Sun
distant land, staring at the Sun
you’re not there, but we share the same one
miles apart staring at the Sun
distant town, staring at the Sun
one thing’s true just like you
there’s only one.

and I don’t care if it burns my eyes
and I don’t care cause my love is blind

from staring at the sun


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