ODAIBA (or, days of future/past)


Japan [Tokyo] Travel Diaries 13: お台場 | Odaiba

Didn’t do too much on this day, so it’ll just be a short post. During the day, we had a picnic in Yoyogi park as a mini celebration for one of my friend’s 18th birthday. We were going to go to Meiji Jingu but wanted to get to Odaiba before nightfall in order to actually look around and appreciate the somewhat futuristic design of Tokyo Bay properly. So from there we caught a subway (well a series of subways) down to Odaiba. But by the time we got there it was dark already…. Anyways, we had two purposes in Odaiba. 1: see the Gundam. 2: go to Oedo Onsen.

The Gundam is located outside Diver City (shopping mall), but it is surprisingly hard to find for a mecha robot the size of a titan. Turns out we were walking around the wrong side of the mall.


But in my side quest to take photos of all the illuminations, I discovered that massive Christmas trees make really nice backgrounds.

2_gundam cu

Found it! I don’t even watch the series but it is a spectacularly intimidating structure, especially because it was all lit up and shining. And I still have a great appreciation for mecha bc of the knightmare’s in Code Geass ahaha (one of the greatest anime’s ever).


Impossible to take a good photo with it at night. Too many people. And the lighting is hard. ((at this point, we had prioritised gundam over meiji jingu lol))


From there we took a 15 minute-ish walk to Oedo Onsen Monogatari, in which we spent the next 3-4 hours.

Again, I have to emphasise how AMAZING onsen are. I don’t even think it was an actual onsen onsen (as in pump up natural hot spring water from the ground), but it was sooo relaxing. Especially this one. It’s an onsen theme park that tells the ‘story’ (monogatari) of oedo (edo period). So the interior design is very reminiscent of the Edo period. Part of the entry fee includes Yukata hire as well! There’s food (at additional prices), desserts, performances, other festival stalls like fortune telling/various games, arcade games (even a really bad purikura machine) inside! And of course, various baths.

I had my camera in a locker so i didn’t take any photos of the inside, but there’s a lot on their website. If there’s any place in Tokyo I recommend you go to its the onsen haha.

On hindsight I realise how strange almost, that this evening was. Our two purposes were essentially to see the future and experience the past. But it was a wonderful juxtaposition that Tokyo could blend so seamlessly together.
((does my title make sense now))

Okay that’s all for today! Thanks for reading ^_^


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  1. That Gundam is awesome! G x

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