Asakusa (or, sakura in december?!)

1_first gate

Japan [Tokyo] Travel Diaries 13: Asakusa | 浅草

Continuing from my previous post, our next stop was Asakusa, namely Senso-ji~ Event though we went on a weekday, it was still quite crowded with both locals and tourists. ((the amount of people that were trying to take photos under the massive lantern above as if they were holding it was disappointingly large)).

2_red fuji3_gold

To reach the temple, we walked through ‘Nakamise’. It’s a shopping street that’s pretty useful for picking souvenirs, ranging from small trinkets/charms, to tea sets, yukata, even (fake) katanas (or umbrellas disguised as swords lol).

10_inner shrine


It’s the oldest buddhist temple in Tokyo (from the 7th century), but the actual current buildings are post war reconstructions. It’s also quite colourful~

11_smoke12_side view13_balloon thingless me



My friend bought some snacks in various quintessentially Japanese shapes, and one of them mirrored the Five Story Pagoda (Goju no To) lol.


The actual pagoda in focus.


It was getting dark so we decided to leave and try hurry to the Tokyo Sky Tree before the sun completely set….


But we got a little distracted by the either ridiculously late blooming or early blooming cherry blossoms (are these cherry blossoms?! they have the little ‘chip’ in each petal so I’m guessing they are but it’s crazy to see real sakura in early december). And we weren’t the only ones. Dozens were surrounding the tree trying to get a good photo hahaha .

Anyways, next post will be Tokyo Sky Tree~ And the (probably) highest Star Wars exhibit in the world~~~


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