TOKYO SKY TREE (or, bruh I’m like so high rn)


Japan [Tokyo] Travel Diaries 14: Tokyo Sky Tree

Once again continuing from the previous post (we did so much this day), our final stop was Tokyo Sky Tree~

We decided to walk from Asakusa mostly because we had spent so much on transport that every cent began to hurt a little inside. And because it was only like 20 minutes or something.

2_far distance tower.jpg

We tried to hurry there before complete nightfall but failed


Although the view was spectacular nonetheless~

7_night overview5_night

There are two observation decks, one at 350 m and one at 450. You have to pay an extra 500ish yen to go up to the 450m deck, but its pretty worth it. I mean, how often are you going to get the chance to go up that high?

8_dark6_tokyo tower

Tokyo tower! It’d probably be more worth it to go up during the day, so that you can see further into the horizon.

3_storm trooper

But there was a Star Wars exhibit. This was most likely the closest I’d get to experiencing a galaxy far far away IRL. There’s actually only one storm trooper, it’s just reflected infinitely.

5_darthvader figurine

Dunh dunh dunh dundadunhh dun da dunhhhh

2_edo darth vader1_edo storm troopers

Edo period costumes!!

4_hans and chewie

I gave up on taking photos after this. The reflections and glare were too extreme. Instead, I just enjoyed seeing all the wondrous characters in the darkness of the night sky, where they seemed to fit so well.


Overall just being so high (we made that pun so many times it got shitty) felt kind of amazing. Watching the city illuminated, following the trails of cars, it was all strangely relaxing and almost therapeutic. Everything felt so small and insignificant. Is this how titans feel? lol.

12_night tree13_xmasvivid

There was a short light projection thing on the side of the building. Reminded me of Vivid in Sydney, but festive.

xmas me

Xmas trees make the best backgrounds.


The end~

It was a very long day very tiring day. We were so exhausted by the time we got on the subway back to Shibuya. But regardless of how physically drained I was, I still felt a small sense of accomplishment for getting through the day without thinking ‘ugh lets come back another day and just chill in the afternoon’ hahaha .

In other news, I’m flying off the Japan again tomorrow~ Maybe I’ll squeeze another post in before I fly out. Hakone next~

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