Setagaya + Shibuya (or, busy doing nothing)


Japan [Tokyo] Travel Diaries 16: 世田谷+渋谷| Setagaya and Shibuya

Two consecutive days of early starts and late finishes took its toll on me/us… So the next day we chilled. And it was great. I am really not suited for the work hard play hard life. More like work/play hard and spend the rest of the week recuperating.

Anyways, in the morning we went to a fancy café in Omotesando (maybe I’ll post about that another day), and in the afternoon, my goal was to go to Greenfingers in Setagaya. It’s a florist/café created by Satoshi (satie) Kawamoto. Greenfingers is quite unique in that it’s mostly greenery and succulents, occasionally with muted florals. I.e. it’s hipster a f hahaahah.

6_green fingers7_greenfinger sign

But it was closed ;A; It was supposed to be open. But they had just put a notice on Instagram saying that they would be closed until the late afternoon. So we decided to just wander around Setagaya-ku taking photos of suburbia to kill time


I love how subtly coordinated Tokyo can be. Pale watermelon walls matched the striped streets, the burgundy/oxblood bricks matched those on the other side, as well as the trees in the back, yellow ginko leaves matched with the street signs, green road paint with green leaves and everything else was monochrome. Maybe it was just the photoshopper/artist inside me that was overly excited.

2_mirror3_between houses

Also, the overcast cloudy weather was very Tokyo-esque.


Favourite ever dog warning sign. I especially like how the rust looks like the blood of the dogs victims.

red wine me

I also coordinated with the tree :>

After around 2 hours we went back to see if greenfingers had opened.

Which it hadn’t.

And no further updates.

So we gave up. And I drowned my disappointment in Karaage-kun (popcorn chicken essentially) from Lawson lol.

Anyways, we went back to Shibuya to take more photos~ It was a very Tokyo literal street photography day.


*real life update* apparently there will only be a few more days of nice full bloom sakura left in Tokyo, so my mission rn is to hit up as many parks as I can and 見 the f out of 花 (i.e. go see as many sakura as possible). Will upload photos as soon as I finish this travel diary series.


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