Omotesando | Ikebukuro (or, relax~ take it easy)

Japan [Tokyo] Travel Diaries 17: 表参道 + 池袋 | Omotesando + Ikebukuro

Final travel diary entry about Japan 2015! (Sorry late update Japan life has been busy a f)

I named this entry ‘relax, take it easy’ and last entry ‘busy doing nothing’. So you may gather that we were progressively getting lazier. And we had run out of things to do by now. Actually that’s a lie. We could’ve gone to Meiji-jingu or Tokyo Tower but instead we decided to go to Gonpachi- i.e. the restaurant in Kill Bill.


But on the walk from Omotesando station to Gonpachi, we got a bit distracted by Aoyama Flower Market

2_xmas3_red4_flowers5_pink roses6_red

I think I was still disappointed inside from not going to Greenfingers so the florist had fulfilled my desires a bit hahaha


After this detour we went back on our way to Gonpachi. It’s around a 15-20 minute walk altogether from Omotesando.


I love how the sewage pipe cover things actually have pretty designs on them.




1_orange coral2_goldfish3_santa4_santa hug5_jellyfish6_more jelly7_fishies8_finding dory9_dory10_irona sakana tachi

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