One Short Day in SG (or, the AC country)


First, I’m sorry I haven’t updated this blog in weeks. I have been very busy settling in Tokyo, and over the weekend I went to Singapore. So sakura photos can wait,  SG comes first ahhaha.

Anyways, I essentially had one day to explore the city (will explain why later), so we hit up Gardens by the Bay, specifically, the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. And also I forgot to bring my camera so these were all taken by iPhone lolol.


If there’s one word I can use to describe my first impression of Singapore, it’s HOT. Two words, humid and hot.

But luckily, SG is not just the Lion Country.. It is the Air Con country. So there was AC in both attractions *sighs of relief*


Entering the Cloud Forest. (not a poser at all)


Got like, so wet, taking this photo.


Honestly it was kind of magical~


I want this black water pond in my future home. The contrast between the pitch black, perfectly still, empty, calm water and the organised mess of tropical plants was quite captivating to gaze at (whilst you know, contemplating life and such)




Once the mist fills the air, it genuinely felt like I could be walking on a dream, within a cloud forest.


I also have a new found appreciation for plants.


From within the plants…


Next was the Flower Dome… which tbh was not nearly as amazing as the Cloud Florest…


Whilst it didn’t have the magical experience of the Cloud Forest, it was nice relaxing in the cool air, surrounded by florals and succulents.


Anyways, after this we left to go eat overpriced chicken rice at Marina Bay Sands.


As to why I was in Singapore, well the amazing Yale-NUS college flew in all the admitted students for an Experience Yale-NUS Weekend (EYW). For some it was just a free holiday to Singapore, but it was one of the greatest weekends I’ve had in a while.

For the first time in ages, I felt like my life was moving forward again. Having 9-10 months between high school and college is great, but sometimes it does feel like I’m not progressing. I thought that going to Tokyo would be take my life off pause, and it did a bit, but still, day after day I continued my existence.

But EYW however felt like I pushed play on my life again. Now I somewhat want to fast forward to July and start college. (okokokok I’m done with the TV metaphors).

Although EYW was filled with superficial exchanges (Hi, I’m ____, I’m from ____, how are you find EYW/Singapore blah blah so on and etc), I met some amazing people, which really changed my experience I think. Travelling a new city with three strangers that soon became friends was fucking fabulous. Making new friends and then going out until 4:30am one night, and attempting to Bhangra dance, improvising, jamming, drinking, talking until the sunrise on the other night really brings people together. ((It also makes one act like a zombie in the morning due to the lack of sleep)).

Some new friends I’ll be starting college with in three months, others (who are heading off in other far off directions) I may not see again in a billion years. But nevertheless, I’m hella grateful to have met everyone and to have had a glorious weekend at YNC.

Also food in Singapore is so fucking good. All the flavours of asia come together in one place. Hello.

so tl:dr alright alright alright alright YNC/SG so great la~ can’t wait to start college.


If you’ve read this far, thank you~~~~



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  1. Thanks for these splash of colors, love it!


  2. What a beautiful place! And lovely pictures!


  3. Ah, seeing your photos make me miss Singapore! Glad you got to stop by and experience the city. 🙂 What food did you get to eat while you were there?

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