huang shan (or, the cold bothers me a lot actually)


CHINA 2016 Part 2: 黄山 | Huangshan

To sum up this trip, I have never been happier to be cold.

On the day we went up to stay in the Yellow Mountains (more like white mountains at that point), it snowed very heavily. Of course every year it snows in winter, but this late January someone had sung ‘let it snow let it snow let it snow’ louder than usual. Apparently it hadn’t snowed so heavily in many many years, so we were quite unlucky and lucky at the same time.

Unlucky because it was -20 degrees celsius.

Lucky because


This is the view we were blessed with.


As an Australian, seeing snow is already rather exciting. But being surrounded by endless icy mountains, extending beyond the horizon was magical.


Flowers and leaves are great and all but a site like this, with bare branches entirely shrouded in crystallised snow is more fascinatingly beautiful than I can describe.


We entered the mountains from the ‘back’ side, which holds stunning views of snow covered trees and such. The ‘front’ side is more for the shape of the mountain ranges.


The snow glows white on the mountain tonight…


A kingdom of ice-olation (ok I won’t. but srsly being surrounded by frozen fractals really put me in a ‘frozen fever’ mood)


In the last six months, I’ve been surrounded by the warmth of saturated red-orange-yellow orange foliage and the soft pastel paradise of sakura, but there is something special about the monochrome shimmering purity of a snowscape. (This is probably my favourite photo hence why it’s in my  header image lolol)


Real monkey vs fake monkey ~

Fun fact, the iphone can literally freeze to death. In cold enough temperatures, the phone will just shut down, even on full battery. Something that I learnt again and again whilst trying to snapchat on a mountain in minus 20 degree weather.


Love to warm even the coldest of hearts


A small gust of wind and powdered snow flurried through the air into the ground, spiraling in frozen fractals all around.

(When I said I’d stop with frozen I lied).


As the sun slowly set, the light hit the snow so perfectly to reflect and refract light. It was literally blindingly picturesque. Moments like this where I wish I was a better photographer.


Walking in a winter wonderland


“I like the winters out here, everything is black and white. I appreciate the pure simplicity of it”

That’s not true sir. You can see blue if you look up. There’s nothing that’s entirely black and white.”

One of my favourite quotes from Fullmetal Alchemist. I loved the scene already, but seeing such winter landscape IRL just made it more special to me.


Stayed overnight in one of the hotels up the mountain. Pretty views~ Don’t expect much with food on top of a mountain… Although at that point, if we had a warm room and warm shower everything was OK.


The next day! Hiked down to the front half of the mountain. It didn’t snow as much during the night, so it was significantly warmer (I mean like, it rose from -20 to -10), but noticeably less white.


Still beautiful tho~

Walking through the mountains made me think ‘maybe living in the north or on the wall wouldn’t be so bad…. but then everyone dies in Winterfell and the Wall so .. maybe not haah’


Each look out made me feel smaller and smaller. Staring into the distance while breathing the fresh mountain air is great for contemplating upon one’s own insignificance in the universe haha.


Snow blossoms ? haha


Tbh the way down wasn’t as great as the way up, so I took a lot less photos. Mostly because the snow melted quite a bit haha. And the first day set my expectations way to high lol.


Journey back down.

I don’t think I could’ve survived this adventure without three things (aside from the essentials like phone and wifi. Oh an oxygen and stuff duh)

  1. Uniqlo heat tech. My ootd included extra warm heat tech top and leggings, heat tech wool jumper and jeans, ultra light down jacket, wind proof jacket, and wool coat. Oh and heat tech socks/beanie.
  2. Heat packs. These little stick on pouches of warmth were heavenly. Bought at the convenience store.
  3. Slip on spikes to walk in slippery snow and ice. I don’t know what they’re actually called, but they’re literally studded metal pieces connected by elasticised cords that you can strap onto boots so you don’t fall over when walking on snowy tracks. They were sold everywhere at the base of the mountain and work for around 2 days before blunting, perfect for a mountain exhibition.

Anyways, that ends this travel. Sorry for the v long post~ I hope you found the pictures aesthetically pleasing ~

Two more china posts and maybe I’ll get onto cherry blossoms hehe ^_^



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  1. Beautiful 🙂 u captured the trees very well

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