What I have been doing when not studying or avoiding editing photos.

I was inspired by 3 things mostly.

  1. snapchat. I really liked that filter that puts on watercolour paint-like make up over your face so I decided to draw it too.
  2. ishida sui. I bought the Tokyo Ghoul art book last time I was in Japan, and I was going through it again. There was a very ‘trippy’ painting of Rize in a test tube or beaker or something, with inverted colours and swirling hair.
  3. the space composer (junji tanigawa). a photographer that uses negative space by blocking out edges to create depth and interaction to his photographs.

rize normal

The drawing initially looked like this, but it felt somewhat… boring.

So many things that I had drawn over the past few months suddenly felt boring. Stars and galaxies felt boring.

I had already stepped out of my comfort zone a bit in terms of colour, lighting and pose.

But to make it more contemporary… to make better use of the digital art medium, I started messing around and well, you see how that turned out. I’m still not certain which version I like more.. so expect more weird shit from me in the future as I once again try to find a style I like.



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