Suzhou (or, bonsai appreciation post)


China 2016 Part 4: Suzhou | 苏州

Next on my south-east China adventures, Suzhou. It’s main attractions are its traditional gardens, pagodas and canals. ((although for me it was mostly a trip around different restaurants to attend my mother’s various university reunions 😐 ))

Anyways, we spent around half a day being tourists in ‘The Humble Administrator’s Garden’ 拙政园. I think all our luck with weather was used up in Huangshan because once again it was cloudy, cold and somewhat drizzling periodically. So I was not very motivated in taking photos ;A;


Early bloom plum blossoms~


so much love for this colour scheme/textures < 3



One section of the gardens was a bonsai garden museum. It was on this day that I discovered my true appreciation for miniature versions of large trees haha. So, from here on out, this post is a bonsai appreciation post.


There were many many many more. These were just my favourites lol .

Anyways, after this garden, we went to the Suzhou museum, which I didn’t take any photos of but for memories sake I’m still mentioning it. This blog really has become more into a diary than a travel blog haha.

The rest of my 2.5 day trip in Suzhou consisted of going to dinner/breakfast/lunch again with my mothers old uni friends that she hadn’t seen for 20 yrs.

All I can say is thank god for free wifi and portable chargers ;>



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