Hello~ Welcome to my blog, SAERIEL. That means bitter in Sindarin.


The concept of this blog is  人生 ・ 美術, i.e. life and art. I’ll be posting about my life (travel, particularly interesting experiences), and my art.

But really it’s the closest thing to a diary I can realistically maintain. As typical as it sounds, memories can fade quite easily. However, at the same time, memories can be altered far easier than expected. I could attempt to recreate a realistic depiction of my life, or more specifically my travels. But I could also create an enhanced, more aesthetically please, perhaps a somewhat ‘hyperreal’ recollection of my adventures. I can remember my travels through a rose coloured lens, and as artificial as that may be, it’ll probably make me happier (haha). In a way, this is the closest thing I’ll get to altering the past…




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  1. Lovely blog, and I like the unique approach. Looking forward to seeing more from you 🙂


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